Endgame training resources

Die goldenen Endspielregeln || Der perfekte Umgang mit wenig Figuren – ein Video von The Big Greek

In diesem Video erklärt TBG die wichtigsten Konzepte, Ideen und Regeln im Endspiel. Hier der Link zum Video auf YouTube. Der Schachkanal vom TBG ist sehr empfehlenswert, insbesondere für diejenigen, die den Trainingsinhalt lieber auf Deutsch hätten.

Principle of Chess Endgames by GM Daniel Naroditsky

A really great collection of endgame videos by the one and only GM Naroditsky. It is highly recommended to watch the videos in the exact order, because the videos build on each other and some of the later videos reference terminology and concepts, presented in the videos before them. The playlist is not complete yet – GM Naroditsky keeps uploading videos on his great channel on YouTube. I will try to update the list here as the series go.

  1. King Activity
  2. Introduction to Pawn Endgames
  3. Understanding Passed Pawns
  4. Pawn Races
  5. Pawn Breakthroughs
  6. Knight Vs Bishop Endgame
  7. Bishop + Knight Mate Simplified
  8. Using Your King
  9. Advanced Pawn Endgame Concepts
  10. Test Your Pawn Endgame Knowledge, Part 1
  11. to be continued… stay tuned.